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Fresh, Fast & Flavourful – new healthy and light menu at Sandwich Factory


November 23, 2016 10:20 am


We’re big fans of the Sandwich Factory at The Gate Mall; it’s a bright vibrant space, the service is quick and friendly service and the meals are tasty – we challenge you to find a better falafel sandwich. Our previous visit during Ramadan, enabled us to discover that fast food can be healthy, especially if you choose wisely and make sensible swaps.

This time we didn’t have to use our brains to create our own healthy meals, Sandwich Factory have made things easier with their new Healthy & Lite menu. But does the new menu still deliver on taste? Oh yes.

Here’s what we tried:

Iceberg Chicken Shawarma Wrap
The carbs may have been replaced with a crisp lettuce leaf yet your shawarma cravings are still taken care of – it was just like eating a shawarma platter with none of the oily grease. The garlic sauce gave it a great flavor and we found it deliciously light.

Quinoa tabbouleh
If you’re a fan of quinoa you might come away a little disappointed as the balance of ingredients wasn’t quite what we had expected. However, it was full of flavor and very refreshing.

Zaatar on Multi-Cereal dough

The healthier version of a Zaatar fatayr, this tasty wrap has the addition of cucumbers, tomatoes, mint and a drizzle of virgin olive oil which gives it a revitalizing flavor. Delish!

Eggplant salad
This wasn’t a winner with us – the sharp and sour taste was due to a little too much lemon for our liking, yet we know others who would love this.

Carb-free Kafta and Carb-free Sheesh Taouk
A meat lover’s dream come true, these traditional dishes were packed with flavor and cooked to perfection: moist, tender and tasty. Thumbs up.

Baked falafel
We’ve saved the best for last. While fried falafel always tends to feel a little greasy and salty this baked version has a moist center and a great balanced flavor – hands down this was our favorite.

We think that this causal restaurant really is a great place to meet with friends as it gives everyone (fitness freaks and carbivores) plenty to choose from.

# 18, Q Villas,
Wadi Al Shaheeniya Street,
Near Zero One Mall (Mega Mart),
Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
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