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October 5, 2016 3:46 pm

We often associate healthy food with  water boiled chicken breasts and unseasoned vegetables. Perhaps this is the reason most of us often go on and off diet plans.


As people have begun to get more educated, the perceptions have begun to shift. Over the past five years, we have observed a major shift in the way people look at healthy living across the urban planet. This has reached Qatar too. A quantitative research shows that 78.4% of Qataris now make healthier food choices. This is a staggering hike considering the fact that culturally, a majority of our social lives revolve around food and beverage. I think a part of this paradigm shift is credited to a combination of national initiatives such as Qatar National Sports Day, the awareness campaigns run by Supreme Council of Health as well as the country’s overall support for major sports events (such a the 2022 world cup). However, the major credit goes to the individuals who make healthy living a personal choice by being conscious about the food they eat and taking physical fitness seriously.


At Crunch, we are also proud to have been making few humble contributions to this ‘switch’ through our ‘Fresh Box’ services that cater five daily healthy meals to our subscribers. The products range from sugar free red velvet cupcakes to low calorie lasagna with a new menu every single day to keep the subscribers’ taste buds guessing.


Click here to sign up for our Fresh Box Services.


As this trend continues, we hope to see the lifestyle diseases in the country drop drastically, gifting us a healthier fitter future for the residents of Qatar, national and expats alike. If you are reading this article, you have the responsibility to become the healthier citizen of tomorrow. Because 78.4% Qataris have switched to healthy food. Have you?


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