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How I lost 12 kilos in 4 weeks: Yazan Moselli


July 26, 2016 9:10 am

A young man who proved nothing is impossible..to himself!


Hello my name is Yazan Moselli, and I have been through Crunch Transformation.


Before joining Crunch, I was obese. Now am overweight. And my program was only  just 4 weeks long.


And what can i say, before joining Crunch everything was hard. My body movement, wearing clothes were hard, sitting on the car seats were tight, every chair was tight and my clothes wpuld not fit anymore.


So I had to take a decision. I needed some motivation in my life. So, I decided to Crunch Doha.


Every week of  practicing and working out along with the diet plan they provided, I was changing! So every week I would lose about 3 kilograms per week.. just like that!


The fat burning was unbelievable, so in total for 4 weeks I lost about 12 kilograms.


Everything started to feel better! I feel more healthier, more happier, more fitter! Chairs do not bother me anymore. I don’t feel suffocated in the cars anymore, my breathing has gotten better.


This was truly life changing in just 4 weeks. That was a big transformation to go down 12 kilograms. I have never lost so much weight in such short period of time.


For anyone who wants to join and looking for motivation to lead a healthy life, you should join Crunch Doha. It actually works! It’s better than surgery.



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