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Unbelievable 12 weeks: Nicola Maxwell


July 21, 2016 9:32 am

Nicola Maxwell spent 12 weeks taking control of her lifestyle

Change begins with a decision. A decision to take control of your life. To redesign your destiny.
At Crunch, every member goes through this lifer changing experience. Here is the inspiring story of Nicola Maxwell.

What made me start my transformation journey was to make a positive change in my lifestyle.The most prominent reason for me was to start becoming more active and going to the gym, understanding what i’m putting into my body food wise and trying to make an element of change with regards to the weight.

Probably the hardest part of the experience would have been to stay motivated for the whole 12 weeks. So mid program there were many times  where you have to remind yourself how much protein you are suppose to be eating, how much carbs you are supposed to be eating, because there were many days where you would go off that and you have bad days. But the most important part was remembering why you are doing this and not to beat yourself up the next day, but get back in there and carry on.

This has been a great program, I think for me I have achieved the objective of toning up, feeling better, becoming active, and making that change within my lifestyle.

It’s the time where you don’t feel silly, you come walking into the gym – for those who have never been (to a gym) before. It doesn’t matter your size…it’s a whole new environment for you. Having Crunch there made it an much easier process to start off.



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