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Exploring the treasures of Meesh Cafe


July 7, 2016 4:26 am

Warm natural lighting, wooden interiors, aroma of fresh coffee and the details that remind us of a traditional countryside coffee shop! That was our first impression as we entered Meesh Café. What a start!


We could see a young group seated outdoor, chatting and laughing in a casual and relaxed manner. The door opened to a wide walk way with well controlled temperature that made the good-old noise of wood as we walked toward the barista.


The décor:

You cannot possibly take your eyes off the décor and I can you will pull out your smartphone for some instagram pictures right away. The little tricycle flower vase on the table, large sacks of coffee, tempting ladder you almost want to climb on, empty bulbs hanging from the iron pipe on the table.. It is rustic a unique atmosphere is set for work.


Show me the healthy:

In addition to their delicious coffee, the café caters healthy sandwiches, salads, green juices and other food that are freshly made in the kitchen and served to indulge.



It is not fair to compare their services to the regular cafes in town. They are part of Crowne Plaza. This obviously puts them on an advantage of the world-class talents they hire and train to display extravagant hospitality.


The hospitality and brand standards of Crown Plaza have been fully translated into this concept café without losing the five star experiences in every bit of the service quality.

Despite being a self-service counter system, the warm and friendly staffs were enthusiastically on top of every customer need both swiftly and professionally.


Work culture:

Meesh café is a perfect place for a team to brain-storm, work in small groups or just have your peaceful kindle time. Where else can you enjoy such great natural sunlight in a controlled temperature, munch on something healthy and feel in the middle of a country side café – all the center of Doha’s business circle.

It’s time for my next fresh Americano and brown bread egg sandwich. So let me head to the counter.





# 18, Q Villas,
Wadi Al Shaheeniya Street,
Near Zero One Mall (Mega Mart),
Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 40 17 55 89 ,
+974 70 45 06 02