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Crunch makes a site visit to Sandwich Factory


July 7, 2016 4:45 am

Crunch Community goes slightly off track to find something fun and exciting!

Though religiously practiced to eat less, clean up your system and relate to the hunger of those less fortunate, Ramadan is often the time of the year where binge eating becomes popular. Naturally, with this comes cravings, ill food habits, junk food and so on.


Crunch Community wanted to explore a healthier option to the typical fast food chains in Doha, this Ramadan. We tried to move away from our extremely healthy partners to find a quick and yet moderate calorie eatery. Something simple, savoury and that stays in between unhealthy and healthy.

Born in Leeds and raised in London, Amy is the brand ambassador and media influencer for the following huge brands such as Victoria Secret Sports, Oakley Eyewear, Hautletic,Puma and Talise Fitness.


1. The dreamy youth:

Hear me out about this cozy joint.

Sandwich Factory story begins where a young Mr. Bitar dreamt of opening the best sandwich shop way back as a university student in the USA. This little dream was parked forever in the man’s heart. Decades later, the dream was brought to life in Qatar when he met and partnered with Mr. Hachem who also had the same dream yet with the passion and experience in the food and beverage industry to create this street food concept.


2. The factory design

When else would you want to eat at a factory?

This factory is about the complete experience. From the design outside the main door, the large yellow painted drums and the modern combination in its seating arrangements, the cleverly used mixture of grey with bright yellow, you already know you are entering a factory.. The Sandwich Factory.

The bar counter seating gave us a live view of the cooking in action. We could literally customise our sandwiches to our taste and health! The fact that the chef is right in front of you to amend your sandwich adds to the complete dining experience of live cooking.


3. Fresh sandwiches – live:

Fast food works on a simple rule. When someone is hungry, they need food on the table..as soon as possible!

This Modern Lebanese cuisine is a replacement fast food restaurant. They have taken the traditional western sandwich concept and “arabified” it, placing falafel sandwiches, shewarma & frankfurter hot dogs in the same menu.

They have a variety of sandwich options ready to be customised right in front of you to cater to your taste buds. The fact that the chef is right in front of you to amend your sandwich adds to the complete dining experience of live cooking.

The Sandwich Factory special is a must! The total calorie can range between 300-400 calories per sandwich depending on your customisation. It’s a great alternate to the junk food available equally easily where you are likely to consume approximately 800 calories with one sandwich, fries and soft drink.

If you’re there for a take away or called in for delivery, you must try out the spinach mana’eesh which has between 250 to 350 calories per order.


4. The passion of Chef:

The chef Ali Mchawrab is the soul of the kitchen. His passion is seen in the food, the ambience and the entire restaurant. Energetic and enthusiastic, he ensures to meet and greet as many customers as he can shuffling between the kitchen and the service area .Needless to say, the quality of a passionate artist can be seen in everything he does.


5. Friendly ‘factory crew’:

The crew were welcoming, accommodating and proactive in making sure the orders got to the table swiftly. they took extra care in helping us be at comfort and often attended to us (and the other customers) with a friendly smile as soft as their sandwiches.


6. Ramadan special

Crunch team also tried the Iftar special which included: a soup, salad, sandwich & fresh juice all for QAR 49! Quite a saver and complete value for money.


7. Crunch recommendation

As we said in the beginning, this is not your typical healthy restaurant. It may not be your ideal fit while trying to shed a massive amount of weight or on a goal oriented fitness program. But the ability to customise your sandwich with some brown bread,greens, replacing mayo with vinaigrette will leave you with a fast, delicious and healthy meal without a major compromise.

They are open 24 hours on Thursday and Friday. You know where to go the next time you have your midnight cravings!


# 18, Q Villas,
Wadi Al Shaheeniya Street,
Near Zero One Mall (Mega Mart),
Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 40 17 55 89 ,
+974 70 45 06 02