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A word from Nuwaid


July 7, 2016 1:34 am

Stop lying to yourself. You are better than you think!


With a stressful work place followed by blissful weekends came bad eating habits and imbalanced lifestyle. A workaholic that I am, stayed long hours at work, mostly missing meals and any physical activity. To compensate, the only after work meal, most often dinner, came in high starch, fat, sugar and everything else that is unhealthy. To add on, any stress at work meant few chocolates and sugar filled coffee in forms of cappuccino or latte and so on.


Fat with a big belly. That was the result!


Already depressed by issues at work, my reflection in the mirror did not help. It was time to put an end to this. I made a decision.


There is something amazing about human brains. You just need to make a decision and believe you can do it. The brain finds your path before you know it, soon to make you realize ‘you are better than you think’!


I found my route. I had to put few rules down to start with. They may sound simple, but it took some boldness to put them into action.



  1. I stopped lying to myself.


Our brains are designed round a simple theory. Stay as far away as possible from pain and get as much pleasure as you can accumulate. This is actually a good thing. It makes us look for and enjoy all the goodness this world has to offer. But the problem is here. We associate any kind of hardwork with pain by default (for obvious reasons!).  And when we see pain, we run away.


Then, just to make sure we don’t beat ourselves up over it, we simply accept that we don’t have it in us. That we are not good enough. Or find another excuse – such as the ones who do it are super-human or on steroids or something else!


I knew “I am better than this. I am stronger and I deserve better!” I was right.


  1. Put a plan in place.


Not a vague plan, but a roadmap with a start date, end date, meal plan and workout plan. It was a project in itself!


I knew I had the motivation and the right reasons to back it up in place. But if I ran West to see the sunrise, I would never see it. So I had to create a practical and solution driven roadmap to my end goal. I had to direct my subconscious mind to that goal with a deadline in place. Over time, we lose focus from the goal, or even forgot why we are doing it in the first place. Even during these weak moments, a well set map will keep us on the correct route to destination.


  1. Cut off the excuses.


Everything we do has a reason. And there is always an explanation. It often sounds so genuine to us and we completely believe in it.


I was no different. So I had to change the approach. It didn’t matter why I couldn’t do it anymore. If one thing in this project is not done, my project will fail – as simple as that! So I did whatever it took to never miss a meal, never miss a workout or cardio. I learned discipline.


  1. Told every ‘stakeholder’ in my life about the project.


This helped me the most. Everyone I knew, knew I was on this transformation. So my friends and family expected less time during this period, no more outings to places where I cannot find a healthy option and everyone understood. Though they did not take it seriously in the beginning, they soon adapted to my new ‘lifestyle’ and it was smooth. This also made me feel accountable for this project because if I quit, I knew will be ‘finished’!!!


  1. Diet


I’ve attended six weddings, four birthday parties, went on a two weeks family vacations, fell sick at least thrice with flu and fever and had to pull out a wisdom tooth, but never missed a meal or a workout. I turned up with my meal in Tupperware containers to every venue and planned all my travel with gym accessibility.


Within 12 weeks, I shed my body fat to 8%.


I then went out and began to help people. I was surprised by the number of people who wanted help. My colleagues, friends, people who worked out in the gym – everyone needed a tip or motivation. This even came from people who I thought were better than me.


Here was my chance to give something back. Passionately, I began to help people in every possible way. I began to realize that people were ready to change their lifestyles, when guided right. This made me feel better than my own transformation itself.


Hence I founded Crunch. To transform physiques. To transform lives.


It is your turn.. You are better than you think!


Nuwaid Pocker

Founder, CEO

Crunch Doha

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